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The Hemp Club the-hemp-club-sign

F5 Casuarina House

81 Cullen St 

Nimbin 2480

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Hemp Club

creams-rubsFor Topical Creams & Industrial Hemp supplies

consultations and advice

"Topical Hemp Cream" 

Is a farm based enterprise that grows and processes it's ingredients on farm so we can assure purity and quality. No chemicals or poisons are used on the farm or in the processing of any of our products.

All our products are derived from whole hemp plant infusions and all are labeled with a warning; "this product may cause eternal youth". 

You have been warned!

Three Wise Men is our premier product and each 30ml jar contains an infusion of 30 gm of hemp flowers, essential oils of frankincense and myrrh carried in cocoa butter and sesame oil. Three Wise Men dissolves wrinkles with an almost magical ability. 

Canna-Cocovera is made from infused hemp flowers and sun-dried aloe Vera carried in a blend of olive and coconut oil. Canna-Cocovera soothes and nourishes sun-burnt or burnt skin like no other ointment. 

King G Plus Ointment is made from hemp flower infused olive oil and beeswax with magnesium oil and wintergreen. This ointment reduces the swelling and inflammation associated with arthritis and sporting injuries.

King G Massage Oil is made from hemp flowers infused in olive oil. 

King G Plus Oil is King G Massage Oil with magnesium oil and wintergreen infused. Our CWA customers swear they get an added five years of lawn bowls out of their knees with the aid this sporting rejuvenator."

We also supply a great range of Industrial Products including Hemp Clothing, Cloth & Raw Hemp Fibre products.