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Our Management Committee

The Nimbin Community Centre is run by a volunteer Management Committee elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. The Management Committee meets monthly to review the activities and direction of the Centre's business. Meetings are minuted and independently facilitated. Previous minutes are available from the Centre Office.

We would love you to get to know our Committee who work tirelessly to ensure the future of the Nimbin Community Centre.


Scott Sledge (President) 

I was born in the USA in 1947. In the Sixties I was a peace activist. In the Seventies I campaigned against nuclear weapons. Trained as an historian, I worked as an underwater archaeologist for the WA Museum from 1973. I have travelled extensively around Australia and the world. My partner Daniele and I moved our young family to the Northern Rivers in 1985 and hand-built our own house in the forests at Lillian Rock. We worked to create a sustainable environmental footprint on our property with organic gardens and re-foresting 101 acres of degraded dairy farm. My passion for making the world a better place starts here: the personal is political.I help manage the Nimbin Community Centre as Vice President of the Management Committee and sing with Vocal Minority and the Murwillumbah Philharmonic Choirs. I am a member of the Kingscliff Bowling Club and Sea Shepherd Society. I have been a farmer and small business owner. Recently my family managed a small resort at Kingscliff. Now that I’m retired and a grandfather, I want to make the world a better place for their future. I currently serve as President and Public Officer of the community advocacy organisation Northern Rivers Guardians, Inc. I am passionate about community development, wildlife conservation, the urgency for climate change action and our renewed challenge : to stop the menace of coal seam gas mining and related abuses of power by the mining sector. I am deeply involved with the fight to keep the Northern Rivers gasfield-free and support programs which build a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren.

Linnet Pike (Vice-president)

Diana Roberts (Treasurer) 

Has been on the management committee of Nimbin Community Centre since its inception. While representing Nimbin on Lismore City Council, a position she held for over 12 years before retiring, she drove the vision that resulted in Nimbin Central School becoming the Community Centre we know today. Her community involvements over more than 40 years are too extensive to list but her passions have focused on building resilient communities, sustainable development and environmental protection.For more than 25 years Diana has run Nimbin Apothecary, a much valued over-the-counter herbal dispensary located in Birth & Beyond Diana was also instrumental in ensuring that Birth & Beyond was returned to community ownership in 2013.




David Hallett (Secretary)

Originally arrived in Nimbin in May 1973 for the Aquarius Festival, and he has largely lived in and around the Nimbin Valley for the past 40 years. David has been the President of the Nimbin School of Arts for over 20 years and has been particularly involved in visual and performing arts programmes, exhibitions, cabarets and concerts, and generally in supporting the development of the arts in Nimbin. David has been a musician since childhood and is best known as an award-winning performance poet who has managed poetry venues in Lismore and Byron Bay for many years. 




 Michael Balderstone:  dropped out of his London stockbroking job in 1972 in search of something more meaningful and drove overland to India looking for it. The hashish in Afghanistan and the mushroom omelette in Bali tipped him upside down and gave him plenty to think about. He then spent ten years wandering the planet wondering what to do next as he looked for a like minded community , eventually finding it in Nimbin about thirty years ago. He founded the Nimbin Museum and has been President of the HEMP Embassy for some time. He lives on a community, loves Nimbin, and strives to keep the dream alive of humans living harmoniously with each other and the Earth.

 Danielle Voinot:

Darren Maxwell:  

 Dick Hopkins (past President - deceased): A treasured member of our community and sadly missed. Dick lived in Nimbin for over 40 years. During that period was involved with: Nimbin Neighbourhood Centre, Nimbin Progress Assoc, Nimbin Health & Welfare, Nimbin Central School P & C, Uncles Project (Nimbin Branch), Nimbin Market Organizer, and Nimbin A & I Society. Dick was employed by the Dept. of Education from 1990 until 2016 as General Assistant at Nimbin Central School. He held the position of President of the NCCI Management Committee from 2006 until 2017.


Community Centre Staff

Coordinator  - The day to day administration of the Community Centre is managed by two part -time Coordinators, Teresa (Biskit) Biscoe and Inez Price. They can be contacted in the office on Monday to Thursday between 10 am and 3 pm. The best way to contact them is through email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (02) 66890000

Bookkeeper - A bookkeeper is employed 7 hours a week to keep the NCCI books ship-shape and advise the Coordinator on Financial Administration of the Centre.

Maintenance Manager - The Community Centre's grounds and buildings are managed on a contractual basis by Samuel Herren. Sam can be contacted for all maintenance concerns on 0414 310 724.

Gardener - The gardens around the centre at 81 Cullen Street are kept abundant and colourful thanks to our gardener, employed 4 hours per week.

Cleaner - A cleaner is employed 4.5 hours per week to keep the casual hire and communal-use spaces at the Community Centre and Birth & Beyond clean and tidy.